Sony SZ150, SZ160 Carbon Fiber Confusion?

We recently decided to procure a new Sony VAIO VGN-SZ150P/C Notebook for testing and evaluation here.  During the first couple of weeks of testing, it never occurred to us frankly that our unit perhaps wasn't representative of the material as described in its specifications and at the online reseller we bought it from.  Here are a couple of shots of our unit that may or may not add to the confusion, depending on how keen your eye is.


As you can see, clearly on the box label, which has a matching serial number to the unit itself incidentally, this system was tagged with "SZ150P/C", the "/C" designating a Premium Carbon Fiber constructed system.  Also, as you can see on the unit itself, the system is branded just "SZ150P" suggesting no "/C" at all and thus potentially all plastic casing.  In fact you'll note our system is indeed built with what looks like a plastic shell.  However, we paid for a Premium SZ150P/C from an online retailer by the name of PCNation, and were shipped a "VGNSZ150P/C VAIO SZ150 CD T2400 1.83G Notebook System".  In fact the box itself has a sticker with the word "Premium" on it.

We've contacted Sony for an explanation and hopefully they'll come back with something formal here that we can communicate to you.  However, we would like to point out that we've gotten updated reports from our friends at Notebook Review that suggest the unit is indeed made of a Carbon Fiber composite material and thus this whole issue may have been blown out of proportion.  

We'll keep you updated here with official word from Sony hopefully soon.

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