Sony Slashes PS Vita Pricing To $199.99, Adds "Remote Play" Feature With PS4

Sony's handheld sales haven't exactly been mind-blowing, but then again, the handheld game in general has been massively disrupted by the advent of iOS and Android gaming. With all of that said, Sony's hoping to toss in a surge to its bottom line by slicing the price (again!) of its PlayStation Vita. The Vita is now available in the U.S. for $199.99, and because it's still the latest, a ton of new titles are expected in the coming months. Plus, Sony has announced Remote Play, which will more closely link PS Vita gameplay with PS4 gameplay.

The brand new price applies to all PS Vita systems available at retail, including the limited edition PS Vita Walking Dead bundle that launches this week. Moreover, Sony's hacking a few bucks from the prices of its Vita memory cards, with the 32GB flagship card dropping from $100 to $80.

If you've been holding out, perhaps now is the time to buy. Or, should you hold out a little longer and see what Black Friday brings? Choices, choices.