Sony Showcases 13.3" Color, Flexible LCD

LCDs are nice and all, but are they the future? Probably not. Sony is pushing towards a future filled with glasses-free 3D, and one that's flexible. At the SID Display Week conference this week in California, the company revealed a new flexible color e-paper display, which is one of the thinnest (and largest, by screen size) flexible displays that we have seen. It's a 13.3" panel, and one that bends.

Bending displays could have all sorts of uses; automobiles, advertising, and funky tablet form factors of the future. The panel had a 1200x800 screen resolution, a reflectance of 10% and a contrast ratio higher than 100,000:1. Of course, a trade show demo doesn't mean that a commercial version is around the corner or anything, but it's still pretty amazing to see that something like this is alive in the labs. One day, one day...

Tags:  LCD, Sony, display