Sony Shipping OLED Walkman In Japan

Somewhere, someday, we'll see OLEDs everywhere. You can pretty much bank on it. Unfortunately, you may be wearing inch-thick glasses and struggling to read your medicine labels before such a prophecy comes to fruition. That said, Sony's slowly but surely working towards that goal by first introducing a mega-expensive OLED TV, and now, by shipping its OLED-equipped Walkman.

The long awaited X Series device is gearing up to go on sale in Japan starting next week, and while the general design doesn't look at that extraordinary, it's the display technology that has everyone buzzing. The panel you see isn't a typical LCD; rather, it's a super bright, super crisp and super eco-friendly OLED. It's expected to start at around $400 for the 16GB model, while the 32GB version will obviously run you a bit more. Those in Japan will also get to choose from red or black colors and they'll get to enjoy the built-in wireless, web browser and FM tuner, too.

Now, if only we had a solid date for a US launch, we'd really be ready to let loose and get excited.