Sony Sells Cell By The Seashore?

It would appear that Sony is shopping around for companies willing to buy their cell architecture, and Toshiba may be the next owner of the technology and/or the production facilities.

The rumored price for the deal: A whopping $870 million.

“The speculation comes amid intensifying competition among the world's computer chip makers, including South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. and Intel Corp. of the U.S.

Prices have been dropping not only on lower-end chips but all gadgets, making it harder for manufacturers to maintain profits.

Sony shares fell 2.2 percent amid market expectations that the company will have to shoulder losses for the chips sale to Toshiba. Toshiba shares dipped 0.6 percent.

Sony has been saying for months it's exploring ways to streamline its chip business.”

While Toshiba hasn't made any official announcements about the technology and their intent, it is interesting to speculate.  What do you think Toshiba would do with the Cell technology that Sony didn't/couldn't do?
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