Sony Says "Death to the Clamshell"

Yes, Sony has declared a war on the clamshell, packaging that is. We wrote earlier about's "frustration-free packaging" initiative, and this is an example of a similar initiative, aimed at getting rid of those clamshell packages that seem almost lethal.

We call them lethal because (and I know you've experienced this if you've opened up any of these packages) those edges can be as sharp as a knife when you try to cut or pry them open.

But while has no brick-and-mortar operations to worry about, Sony does have to be concerned with security. I suppose a thief whose hand is bleeding is more obvious to security guards, but still.

Sony has released a video that reveals the incident that spurred on this initiative (albeit, fictitious). Fictitious or no, it's great to see more companies embracing an end to packaging that's as ridiculously hard to open as clamshell packaging is. Watch it below: