Sony Reportedly Prepping Massive 12.9-Inch 3840x2400 Tablet For 1H 2015

By the numbers, tablet growth is slowing way down these days. That being the case, expect to see companies take chances on new and unique designs in hopes of spurring interest among consumers who are reluctant to upgrade from whichever current model is serving them. That includes Sony, which is reportedly gearing up for an extra large-size tablet launch in the first half of next year.

Citing "sources from the related supply chain," news and rumor site Digitimes claims that Sony is working on a 12.9-inch tablet with a 3840x2400 resolution display. That's 4K Ultra HD territory, and to power all those pixels, Sony will tap Qualcomm for a processor, presumably a high-end one.

Sony Xperia Z2

Other specs are few and far between at this point -- it's said the tablet will feature an 8-megapixel rear-camera and that the body will measure just 8.6mm (iPad Air 2 measures 6.1mm, as a point of reference).

It's also being speculated that Pegatron Technology will manufacturer the tablet. Makes sense, considering Pegatron has experience in the field -- the company made Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface tablets.

Sony isn't the first to toy with an extra large tablet, nor is it likely to be the last (everyone wave at Apple). Depending on price points and overall functionality, it will be interesting to see what impact the next year's crop of tablets measuring 12 inches and over will have on the laptop market.