Sony Punks Microsoft in Hilarious PlayStation 4 Game Sharing Instructional Video

What a difference a generation makes. Back when the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 came out, Microsoft had the pricing advantage over Sony primarily because the PS3 featured an integrated Blu-ray drive, and at the time, Blu-ray was still expensive. Since then, both companies have had their share of negative media attention: Microsoft because of the Red Ring of Death (RRoD) that plagued earlier models, and Sony because, well, it's Sony. The company suffered a serious security breach that led to significant downtime for its PlayStation Network and it sued one of its customers for hacking the PS3's firmware, to name two examples. This time around?

It's Sony that's making all the right moves as of late. Sony announced that its PlayStation 4 console will retail for $399, a full C-note less than Microsoft's Xbox One. The PS4 is also rocking a better GPU than the Xbox One, it won't require an persistent Internet connection, there are no shenanigans when it comes to sharing or selling used games. It's that latter point that Sony has chosen to highlight at the expense of Microsoft. Sony even found its sense of humor, which it put to use in a comical instructional video showing gamers step-by-step instructions on how to share PS4 titles.

There's only one step involved. Since the PS4 isn't leaning as heavily in the cloud as Microsoft, sharing a PS4 game is the same as sharing a PS3 title. Simply hand the other person the physical media and you're done.

Microsoft is taking a different approach by tying games to a user's Xbox Live account. It will be at the discretion of publishers whether or not their Xbox One games can be sold, and if so, they're free to charge outlets like GameStop a fee.