Sony Pulls The Plug On Android Support For PlayStation Mobile

It's tough to say what this says about Sony, Android, and mobile gaming in general, but it's a move that'll no doubt cause a few eyebrows to wrinkle. As Sony continues to figure out what it's going to devote resources to, and whether or not its mobile handset division plays a strong role in that, it has announced that it'll cease support for PlayStation Mobile for Android. The program was designed to support independent game publishing for the for the PlayStation Vita and Android, but it seems to have not struck a large enough chord with users.

PlayStation Mobile was a fairly great idea -- offering a selection of original PlayStation titles, but most of the games that mattered were also featured on other platforms which required less effort. To boot, having indie devs publish games to the Vita is a great offering, but by its very nature, it isn't apt to garner mainstream attention. With Sony looking at how every dollar is spent these days, it seems sensible (although sad) to see this portion of its business come to a close.
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