Sony PlayStation ‘Orbis’ To Offer Game Recording, Touch Pad Enabled Controllers

If you're unfamiliar, this is generally how the rumor / leak process works. First comes Sony's actual announcement that a PlayStation-related event will go down on 2/20, and now, sources close to the situation are starting to chatter when asked incessantly about what's coming in just a few weeks. The code-named Orbis has been circling the Internet rumor boards for well over a year, but now things are getting a bit more serious. The trailer itself doesn't show much, only confirming that the "shapes" on the SIXAXIS controller buttons will still be a part of whatever's coming next.

But for those reading between the lines, more could be at stake. Edge is reporting that the new machine will have a slightly tweaked controller with a tiny touchpad sensor on it. That sounds kind of impressive at first, until you remember that Sony's PS Vita has something similar on its backside. It's probably just a transfer of technology. Not surprisingly, the PS4 is likely to be even more social, as the console constantly records the most recent 15 minutes of gameplay in order to give players the chance to edit and broadcast funny or impressive moments to their fans.

It's also being reported that the next-generation PlayStation console will blow the doors off of whatever Microsoft is planning, and certainly off of the Wii U. Again, not shocking given the PS3's CPU superiority when it launched last decade.

Will the console itself be shaped similar to the PS3? Will their be a second coming of PS Move? Will price points not be insane this time around? Guess we'll have to wait to find out on those points.
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