Sony Leaks Their Upcoming P-Series Notebook

Sony on Christmas Day appears to have given us a Christmas present, although probably temporarily, with an accidental entry at their online store for a P-series notebook. It looks like this might be the designation for the "revolutionary new VAIO" that has been teased, intentionally or not, at the Sony Japan and Sony New Zealand sites.

We detailed the NZ site (since taken down) before, but here's the dish on the Japan site:

Go the Sony's Japanese site, and you are greeted with a Flash animation that shows an elegantly dressed woman pulling a long, thin, mobile device out of her purse. It eventually morphs into an envelope, which then shows the text "VIAO New Mobile. Coming Soon."   You can also sign up for more info.  That assumes, of course, you can read the Japanese email that will eventually show up.

The Sony store doesn't have all the details. For example, the notebook weighs x.xx lbs., up to an x-hour battery, and costs $NaN.00. But some things are filled in (though not the photo; it looks to be a TT filler). Such as:
  • 1.33GHz Intel CPU
  • 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium or Home Basic
  • Up to 60GB hard drive, available 128GB SSD
  • 8" LED backlit 1600 x 768 display
  • Colors: Crimson Red, Champagne Gold, Black Silk
Not sure how many people would use an 8" screen with that resolution without a magnifying glass. 

No launch date is given, but all signs point to a Jan. 9th announcement, based on the earlier teasers. Oh, and if you're curious, clicking on Shop Now doesn't work, so don't even bother.