Sony Launches PlayStation App Store on the Web

U.S. PlayStation owners have access to a new online content store today: the Sony Entertainment Network App Store. The Web-based store has been available in Europe since late last year, but just launched in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. The store has movies, TV shows, games, and other digital treats for their PlayStation 3/Vita/Portable and is related to the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation3.

The PlayStation Store Online

The online PlayStation App Store is launching with plenty of content, but more features are expected down the pike. Sony has plans for recommendation features, mobile device interfaces, and an automatic download feature for purchased content. At the moment, when you buy content on the online store, it gets put in your My Downloads folder and you can then select the content there to download to your PS3 or portable devices. And thanks to the Media Go application, if you have a Sony Xperia smartphone or tablet, or a Windows PC, you can download any movies or TV shows you purchase to those systems and watch them. The Sony Entertainment Network account also now lets you use PayPal to add funds to your account wallet.