Sony Launches Lighter, Less Power Hungry PS3 (in Japan)

Nintendo just announced a next generation console -- the Wii U -- at the E3 Expo, Microsoft is rumored to be unveiling an Xbox 720 (or whatever the Xbox 360's successor will be called) at next year's E3 Expo, and Sony? Well, Sony is again rehashing its PlayStation 3 system, this time with a version that's lighter and a little easier on Mother Nature than previous versions.

According to a new listing on Sony Japan's website, the new CECH-3000B PS3 Slim will weigh nearly a pound lighter than before at 5.7 pounds versus 6.6 pounds. It will also consume less energy at 200W versus 230W and come with a 320GB hard drive.

Not bad, especially since the new build will sell for the same price as before (¥34,980). Sony plans to launch the CECH-3000B later this month, but only in Japan, at least initially. No word on when, or even if, this one is destined to land stateside.