Sony Japan Introduces White PlayStation 3 Console

Colored game consoles have been around for years now. It didn't take long for companies to realize that consumers would go crazy over a simple "limited run" of colored consoles, and even as far back as the famed black DreamCast, this tactic has shown to work well. For whatever reason, consumers love color choices. Maybe it fits their mood or their style, or maybe it just helps to fit in with their decorations. Either way, Sony has never been one to shy away from colors, and even today there are quite a few PSP color options around the world.

The company's past PlayStation 2 console has also shipped in various colors, and now it's time for the PS3 to follow suit. The original PS3 has since been replaced with a sleeker, smaller model, but up until this point, the only color available has been glossy black. That works for most people, but as we have seen with the demand surrounding the white iPhone 4 (which isn't yet available), people are likely to go wild for a white PS3.

Sony Japan has just introduced a white PlayStation 3 Slim, complete with a 160GB hard drive and a price of nearly $350. Unfortunately for everyone not located in Japan, this white PS3 will remain a Japan exclusive at least for awhile, and there's no clear indication yet of when other countries can expect to see it. In related news, Sony Japan is also introducing a 320GB version of the black PS3 Slim, but again, it's Japan-only for now.