Sony Introduces Two New Dash Models, Adds Internet Browser

Remember the Sony Dash? We wouldn't blame you if it has slipped your mind, but Sony's keeping it alive and kicking, and it's giving people a reason for taking a second look if you've overlooked it in the past. The company has introduced two new models (the HID-B7 and HID-B70), which offers enhanced real-time, customizable, information delivery, and the addition of a basic Internet browser.

For portability, the HID-B70 Dash model now features a built-in lithium ion battery, so the device can be easily transported from room to room. It is also available in three colors: Brown, slate blue and orange.

Both models feature a seven-inch LCD measured diagonally color touch screen, and utilize a wireless Internet connection to deliver real-time information. With full alarm functionality and access to more than 1,000 free apps, including Facebook, news, sports, webcams and more, Sony Dash device provides any room with a robust information alarm clock.

Users can also easily play back Internet radio, such as Pandora and SHOUTcast, via the built-in speaker or the headphone/audio output. Popular photo sharing services like Flickr® Photobucket and Sony’s Personal Space application are also quickly accessible.  The HID-B7 Dash model is available in black for $129.95. The HID-B70 Dash model is available in brown, slate blue and orange for $169.95.