Sony Hires FireEye’s Mandiant Forensics Unit To Probe FOB Ransom Hack, Asks For FBI Assistance

Sony can't seem to catch a break when it comes to hackers. If cyber criminals aren't infiltrating the company's PlayStation Network (PSN) and wreaking havoc there, then they're breaking into the company's movie division, as they did last week when Sony Pictures became the victim of a massive ransomeware hack. As a result, Sony has hired Mandiant, a cybersecurity and forensics firm, to help clean up the mess and assess the extent the damage.

A hacking group known as Guardians of Peace, or #GOP, seemingly took credit for the security breach that forced Sony employees to shut down their systems and go old school by using pen and paper to complete daily tasks. The group posted a menacing photo on Sony's website with an accompanying message claiming it was able to obtain "internal data including your secrets" and threatening to make the information public if its demands weren't met.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

According to The Register, internal documents were subsequently leaked to the web. Among them were passport scans for actors Jonah Hill, Cameron Diaz, and Angelina Jolie. It's not clear what other information or apparent "secrets" might have been swiped.

Mandiant is experienced in these types of cleanup efforts and will help Sony determine the real extent of the damage. In addition, Sony is requesting that the FBI open an investigation, both into the hacking incident and the recent leak of four upcoming movies on torrent sites. One prevailing (albeit unproven) theory is that the attack might be in retaliation for Sony's upcoming movie called The Interview, a comedy film in which the CIA attempts to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.