Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness Now On Sale At $990 (With A Personal Planner)

Sony Ericsson may be going through some serious restructuring right now, but that's not to say it's not plugging along with its handset business all the while. The XPERIA X2 and the Android-based X10 are undoubtedly garnering the most attention right now, with the latter being SE's first-ever Google-powered smartphone. But for those with a thing for fashion and no concerns over income, the XPERIA Pureness is the one to get.

Announced today, the Pureness--which is the world's first mobile phone with a transparent liquid crystal LCD screen--is on sale. The device also offers up miniaturization technology in the battery, memory card and antenna, and while it won't do some of the more advanced things that modern day smartphones will, it also looks unlike anything we've ever seen in the mobile phone sector.

In fact, SE markets this as a phone that handles the essentials with impeccable precision: Talk, test and time. We're told that it "strips away the unnecessary in both form and function," and the subtle illumination, with call and message notification, transforms the handset from an object of design to a phone only when needed. What's crazy is that the phone actually ships with a concierge service, so any owner can get 24 hour service regardless of where they are in the world. Can your iPhone (or Droid, for that matter) do that?

The only problem is the price. But of course, a phone that comes with a personal planned can't be cheap, right? It's available now only through Saks Fifth Avenue and Sony VIP at $990, but that's unlocked and ready to roll on any GSM network.