Sony Ericsson Intros Two New Camera Phones

After posting a 43% decline in sales recently, Sony Ericsson is hoping to turn things around by launching two new camera-enabled mobile phones on AT&T’s network. Although a camera is pretty standard on most phones sold today, Sony Ericsson hopes to set itself apart with a high-megapixel model and a music-friendly handset that integrates with Facebook.

C905a Cyber-shot

Sony Ericsson's C905a Cyber-shot sports an 8.1-megapixel camera. This phone features the highest resolution camera ever offered in a mobile phone from AT&T. The C905a also offers autofocus, GPS tagging, face detection, and a xenon flash with a red-eye reduction feature. To store your photos, the C905a supports a maximum storage capacity of 16GB using a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card. Photos can also be sent over AT&T’s network or printed using a PictBridge-compatible printer.

In addition to capturing still photos, the C905a is capable of capturing videos and sharing them using AT&T’s Video Share service. The C905a has a 2.4-inch screen for viewing photos and videos.

W518a Walkman

Designed to appeal to social networking users, the W518a Walkman phone combines a 3.2-megapixel camera with interactive features that work with Facebook and make it easy to update your Facebook status instantly. When a user opens the phone, they will see the latest photos and status updates of Facebook friends.

The W518a also delivers an interactive music experience with Advanced Shake Control technology that lets you shuffle, skip, and control the volume of the phone with a flick of the wrist. For easy access to your favorite tunes, you can download music on the go using Napster Mobile and eMusic Mobile via AT&T Music.

“We have two new phones appealing to camera lovers and Facebook users, delivering unique ways for consumers to express themselves,” said Karen Morris, vice president of marketing, Sony Ericsson. “Featuring a broad range of capabilities packed into a slick, easy-to-use slider form factor, the C905a is a versatile choice, whether you’re an avid photographer and early technology adopter, or a proud parent who always wants your digital camera by your side. The W518a is a compact, stylish phone for multitasking consumers who must stay connected to their friends. The addictive Facebook application combined with great music and multimedia features place users at the forefront of social networking. We’re excited to bring these phones to the U.S. market with AT&T.”

The new C905a and W518a phones will be available starting Sunday. The C905a is priced at $179.99 after an AT&T rebate, while the W518a runs $49 after rebate. Both phones require a two-year service agreement.

Time will tell if these two new models as well as other phones from Sony Ericsson will be enough to turn things around for the company. Currently, the smartphone market is one of the few that is still experiencing healthy growth in developed markets such as Western Europe, the U.S., and Canada. Sony Ericsson has plans to launch two high-end and expensive devices called the Satio and the Xperia 2, but the company is still failing to compete in the low-end smartphone market.