Sony Ericsson Drops Lawsuit Against Clearwire, Who Drops Phone Plans

Did you know that Clearwire was considering making a smartphone, or cellphone? The same Clearwire that provides 4G (WiMAX) services to consumers and carriers like Sprint. Yeah, probably not. You know why? Among other things, Sony Ericsson was picking a bone with the company, suggesting that their logo was too similar and would inevitably end up confusing consumers if both companies were producing handsets with their respective logos.

Clearwire hasn't had the easiest road of late. It's not cheap nor easy to build out a nationwide 4G network, and instead of forging ahead with a phone and also dealing with potential legal action from SE, the company has announced that they are ditching plans to make phones. And that, so it seems, makes Sony Ericsson quite happy. Shocker! A recent release from Sony Ericsson has made clear that there's been resolution of the trademark litigation initiated against Clearwire, because -- of course -- Clearwire has killed their plans to tick SE off with a phone of their own.

So, the legal drama ends, and we can count on Clearwire not having a phone. Can't say we're super pleased with the news -- we would've loved to have seen what Clearwire was capable of -- but we totally understand the desire to put all of this behind 'em.