Sony Edges Into Best Buy Stores, Samsung Increases Presence

When you walk into a Best Buy store, several major companies have a special corner all carved out for themselves to showcase their wares, including Google and Apple. Sony is about to join that group, and Samsung is expanding its presence beyond mobile to include the home theater.

Sony Best Buy

The “Sony Experience At Best Buy” will land in 350 stores and will offer customers “enhanced fixtures, interactive demonstration areas and dedicated, knowledgeable Sony Experience Experts.” Primarily, Sony will be showing off its TVs, ranging from less expensive HDTVs up to its 4K Ultra HD sets, as well as Sony’s 4K Ultra HD media players, 4K HandyCam, sound bars, and more. There will also be an area showcasing the PS4 and its accessories.

Samsung Best Buy

Not to be outdone, Samsung is also expanding its presence in Best Buy to include a home entertainment showcase. “The new Samsung Entertainment Experience areas at Best Buy will highlight the stunning picture quality of Samsung’s latest line of TVs and feature the largest selection of award-winning Curved UHD TVs,” wrote the company in a blog post.

The new Samsung area will launch in 500 Best Buy locations and will include the intriguing Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom System.

Giving companies a dedicated space, be that a home theater room or a simple end cap, is a good thing for consumers. Having the chance to hold devices in their hands and physically interact with tech such as a 4K TV is a refreshing way to shop for electronics, as opposed to simply buying everything online and having to make purchasing decisions based on Amazon ratings.
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