Sony Cuts PlayStation 2 Price To $99.99

It's not quite as delicious as a PlayStation 3 price cut, but if you've been waiting years upon years to get your hands on a decade-old game console, now's the time. This week, Sony has officially lowered the MSRP of its long standing PlayStation 2 console to $99.99, which marks the first universal price drop on it since March of 2007 (when it dropped to $129.99).

Sony's PS2 has been a raging success, no matter how you look at it. Just think -- how often do you see brand new Nintendo GameCube consoles for sale alongside the Wii? Never. How often do you see brand new Xbox consoles alongside the Xbox 360? Never. For whatever reason, the PS2 has managed to continue selling steadily despite the invention of a successor, and at under $100, it's now even more enticing for those who don't care about cutting edge graphics and do care about an absolutely gigantic game library (over 1,900 titles) that can be secured for next to nothing.

Sony's still calling this the world's most popular computer entertainment system, and with over 136 million sales since its launch in 2000, it's hard to argue. Oh, and the craziest part? New PS2 games are still coming out, so you don't even have to worry about buying a console that's no longer supported by the industry.