Sony Considering Buying Ericsson Out Of SE Project?

Is Sony considering removing the "Ericsson" from Sony Ericsson? Perhaps. These rumors have been around in some form or fashion for years now, but they're seeming to become more and more intense as time passes. Years back, SE axed many employees as the iPhone and other Android smartphone manufacturers began eating their lunch (to put it nicely). Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony is "itching" to buy out Ericsson's stake in the SE project. Sony definitely has the means to make it work. The company's PlayStation Phone was a real gem, and while it obviously only served a small niche, it was still well-built and well-executed.

Could Sony handle the smartphone market as it stands today? Is Ericsson really the problem? Would Sony actually be better off going at it alone? It's extremely hard to judge; the smartphone universe has shifted dramatically in recent years, and it seems to be shifting even more every single day. If Sony removes the "E" from the existing 50-50 venture, it's not too hard to envision what Sony may try to do: add even more PlayStation flair to their future smartphones. Microsoft has definitely gone to great lengths to integrate sections of Xbox LIVE into Windows Phone 7, and we suspect that Sony may have a similar plan.

Would you be more or less interested in a Sony-branded phone if the "E" were dropped?