Sony Ceasing Production On Portable Cassette Recorder Next Year

An end of an era? Only if you didn't think the era was already over. The famed cassette tape has had one heck of a run, and even though the CD itself is finally dying, the cassette was seemingly still hanging around in some areas beyond consignment shops. Sony's Walkman will forever live long in consumer lore, enabling music lovers to carry around a portable stereo "back in the day." Now, Sony has finally decided that the time has come to move on, and honestly, we can only wonder what took so long.

The company is still producing TCM-400, TCM-410 and TCM-450 cassette recorders, but those shipments will cease early next year. That should mark the end of the line for the cassette, at least for Sony, but it's still possible to find cassette-based karaoke machines if you look hard enough. With Sony saying goodbye, however, you have to wonder how long it'll be before the rest of the universe does as well.