Sony Announces U.S. PlayStation Vita Packages And Pricing

Wouldn't it be nice if that free data that Verizon includes with Samsung's Chromebooks were something that other carriers would utilize? Maybe it's a trend that's taking off. Sony's PlayStation Vita is nearly ready to launch in America, and as you may have heard, there's a 3G version on tap. There's under 30 days left for it to launch, and now that 3G model just got a lot more appealing. Sony just announced two PS Vita 3G / Wi-Fi bundles. Early adopters will be treated to a limited edition case, a 4GB memory card, and a copy of Little Deviants. Furthermore, Sony's tossing in a 250MB session for AT&T 3G data, as well as a PlayStation Network game, which will be provided upon activation.

Looking to up your game even more? There's a super limited bundle available for those who brave the cold on 2/22 to pick one up, with an 8GB memory card, an AT&T DataConnect Pass and a PlayStation Network game all for the usual MSRP of $299. This SKU is part of a promotional offer and according to Sony, it will sell out "immediately."

Speaking of... anyone planning to camp out for Sony's newest console?