Sony Announces Cheap Blu-Ray Player

Sony has lowered the price of their Playstation gaming console by $100.  Or they'll sell you  a new model with an improved 80 GB drive at the old $ 599 price point. While Microsoft is busy going through the couch cushions looking for a billion dollars to fix all the Xbox 360s with the "Red Ring Of Death," this move will probably jumpstart lagging sales of the Sony unit. If nothing else, it's an inexpensive Blu-ray player that plays games.
At US$499, the PS3 is once again the equal [of the] cheapest Blu-ray player on the market. The Blu-ray factor has definitely helped PS3 sales in Australia where HD flat panel TV sales are ramping up in a big way. Staff at two of the biggest Australian consumer electronics outlets JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman have reported selling more PS3 units as Blu-ray players than as games consoles.

While the PS3 is still double the price of the Wii even with the price cut, the gap has narrowed considerably with Xbox 360 putting the pressure on Microsoft to follow suit announce its own cut.
Price war! Let's have a price war! Eventually, I want to get a PS3 for free when I open a bank account, and my kids should get a Wii with every Happy Meal.