Sony And Panasonic Partner To Develop 300GB Optical Disc By End Of 2015

It isn’t exactly 1,000TB on a DVD, but we’ll take it. Sony and Panasonic announced that the two companies are partnering to develop a next-generation standard for optical discs in an effort to provide another long-term data storage option for professional use.

Leveraging technology owned by each company, Sony and Panasonic are looking to create an optical disc with a storage capacity of at least 300GB; the project will ostensibly be completed by the end of 2015.

Panasonic LB-DM9
Panasonic LB-DM9

Both companies already have high-density optical disc storage in their respective portfolios. Sony has a system that uses a cartridge filled with 12 optical discs; each disc has 25GB of capacity. Panasonic’s LB-DM9 optical disc-based storage products has up to 90 magazines of optical discs; each magazine holds a dozen 100GB discs.

Although both Sony and Panasonic have done much work using the Blu-ray format, this new venture will use an entirely new standard.