First Look Leak Of Sonos’ Portable Bluetooth Speaker Shows A Sleek, Smart Design

Fans of Sonos audio systems and wireless speakers that can be moved around the home will appreciate the new leak that shows off the design of the Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker. The leaked images appear to be for marketing materials and show off all aspects of the device, including its charge base. Reports indicate that the Sonos Move is a bit larger than the existing Sonos One speaker.

sonos bt speaker w dock

The big feature of the new wireless device is that it can be used as both part of the wireless network of other Sonos devices at home and as a mobile Bluetooth speaker on the go. Sonos Move marks the first time that the manufacturer has integrated the type of wireless connectivity needed for use on the go.

sonos bt speaker front back

Sonos Move looks like other products in the Sonos family with the marketing images showing a gray device that is cylindrical and has a slightly smaller diameter base. Sonos also designed the Move with six microphones and the ability to work with multiple voice assistants. The top of the Move has all the controls for audio playback, and the charge level is indicated with LEDs on the speaker.

sonos bt speaker controls

Charging the device appears to be done via a pair of contacts on the bottom of the speaker and a charging cradle you place the speaker into. The rear of the speakers does have a recessed grip to give users a place to hold the speaker when transporting it around the home or outdoors. There is also a USB-C port on the back of the speaker for charging.

Also on the back is the join button for putting the Move on the home network with other Sonos speakers. Another key on the rear allows the user to choose if the Move operates in Bluetooth mode for on the go or normal mode for the home network. The leak included no details on the technical features, pricing, or availability. Last we spoke of Sonos was when big discounts were being offered on TV audio gear.