Sonnet's Fusion F2QR Portable RAID Storage Solution On Sale For $569

We've been big fans of innovation in storage for, well, ever. It's usually the bottleneck in modern day systems, and with the advent of NAND / SSD / DRAM, things have been moving in the right direction. But coming up with the perfect solution using what's on the market today is still tough; options are somewhat limited, and prices are typically sky-high. But it's things like Sonnet's Fusion F2QR that bring smiles to our faces. This is a portable 2-drive hardware RAID SATA Storage System with a quad-interface. In short, it's a really unique, really awesome piece of kit.

The handheld package is made of aluminum, and includes side-by-side drives. It's only as thick as two CD jewel cases stacked atop one another, and inside you'll find two 2.5" 1TB HDDs. It's based on the Fusion F2, a portable two-drive RAID SATA storage system, but this one adds a built-in hardware RAID controller for configuring the drives, a quad interface enabling connection to almost any computer, and a greater storage capacity. A built-in high performance RAID controller manages Fusion F2QR's drives and supports RAID 0 (fast), RAID 1 (safe), concatenated (span) and even JBOD  (Just a Bunch of Disks) configurations, so you can choose the setup that best suits your needs. Whether you choose RAID 0 for the best performance, RAID 1 for a mirrored backup of your data, or JBOD to work with more audio tracks, changing the drive configuration is simple using included configuration application software. The application also provides information on the health of the drives when they've been configured as a RAID 1 set.

his portable storage system features a quad interface that requires just a single data cable to connect the enclosure to an eSATA host controller card for the fastest data transfers possible—this efficient interface simplifies setup and cuts cable clutter without compromising performance. No SATA? No problem—connected via a single FireWire 800, FireWire 400, or USB 2.0 cable, the drives can be accessed at the full speed of the respective interface. Sonnet even includes all the cables so you can connect your Fusion storage system right out of the box.

It's available now if you're intrigued, but it'll set you back $569.
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