Songbeat: Manage Your Streaming Music

Songbeat has released a new version of its online music search, allowing users to search more engines simultaneously, along with the ability to play, export, and download songs. It can stream from SeeqPod, Project Playlist,, and iAsk, along with downloading music from your stations. To "download" the music, the Songbeat application records the live stream. According to Songbeat, this method of downloading is legal in Germany, where the company is located.

The free version of Songbeat allows 25 song downloads for free, however, to get more users must download the full version of the application for $29.99. Along with the full version, Songbeat hopes to make additional revenue through the Songbeat Discover service. This allows users to buy songs from Amazon's music store, as well concert tickets from Ticketmaster. Mac users, don't get too excited, Songbeat is available for Vista and XP only at this time.  Mac and iPhone versions are planned for release sometime next year.

Once the music is downloaded, the songs can be organized, filtered, and labeled in your library, then exported to iTunes, Winamp, and Windows Media Player, along with burning directly to CD. Downloaded music is protected from Viruses, Trojans, Malware, and Adware, along with the added benefit that data transfers cannot be read by third parties.


From the look of it, Songbeat could be a welcome addition to internet music junkies, yet only time will tell if authorities like the RIAA will allow it. To try to keep users informed, and possibly keeping them out of trouble, it tries to make users very aware of possible licensing issues.

Can Songbeat draw users away from directly using their favorite internet radio services, or will the possible implications of 'downloading' songs keep them away?  Time will tell.