Some ask why? Fusionman asks, why not?

The Rocket Man, Yves Rossy, known by those in the know as Fusionman, took flight today in a successful voyage across the English Channel.  He was the first man to ever do this with a self-contained, homemade jet pack.  That's right, we said jet pack, people.

A former Air Force pilot, Yves Rossy has spent much of his career flying thousands of people around the planet as a captain for SWISS. But when Rossy is not flying planes, he is jumping out of them. Freestyle, skysurf, freely – you name it, he has done it. But no matter how daring, these adventure sports never fulfilled his childhood dream: to soar like a bird. Not with a glider, but with a propelled fixed wing. Appearing live on National Geographic Channel in Jet Man Live, Rossy will attempt to become the first person to cross the English Channel using a single, jet-propelled wing.


But hey, that's not very "green" there Captain Turbine, now is it?  Maybe not but the Fusionman's "Wicked Pissa" coefficient pegs the Cool-o-Meter and you can bet he gets all the chicks.  So who cares?  You can catch "Flight Of The Jet Man" on National Geographic TV tonight, at 8PM ET/PT.

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