Soltek K890Pro-939, Three DVD-RW Drives from LG and Sony, and more!

The Friday night news update is here, so sit back folks and enjoy the read. I'd like to throw a little console gaming news in with the rest of the bunch, so get this... we might be seeing the Next Box(X-Box 2) before the year's end. I still don't own an X-Box, so I'm hoping this thing is going to be backwards compatible with original X-Box games.

EQS A58XK9-ALF Radeon Xpress 200P motherboard @ HEXUS

"While I wasn't expecting this particular motherboard to offer a plethora of overclocking options, as it simply isn't aimed towards that market, what I would expect is at least the ability to tune and alter memory timings, and in this discipline the A58XK9-ALF is more than lacking. If this is fixed in future BIOS revisions or final retail boards, then we could be left with something far more worthwhile on our hands."

Cooler Master CoolDrive 6 & Lite HDD Enclosures Video Review @ 3dGameMan

"The CoolDrive 6 looks fantastic with the control panel and LCD at the front. The CoolDrive 6 can even monitor 4 temperatures and 3 fans. This is clearly one of the best enclosures on the market. The CoolDrive Lite is the basic version of the CoolDrive 6 but still looks great. HDD installation in both is the same and so is the great thermal performance."

Soltek K890Pro-939 Review @ Club Overclocker

"Of course we must add that Soltek despite being the underdog in their BIOS options, especially the voltage options, still perform extremely well, and in some cases better. We can say that they are continuing their tradition of stability with the latest VIA chipset, the K890 which we are going to have a look at today."

ATI RADEON X800 PRO Shootout (AGP) @ hardwarezone

"If you are on the lookout for high performance AGP cards, you are in luck. We rounded up seven ATI RADEON X800 PRO cards from ABIT, Connect3D, GeCube, Gigabyte, HIS, PowerColor and Sapphire for a comprehensive shootout."

Three DVD-RW Drives from LG and Sony @ X-Bit labs

"Today we are going to test three DVD-burners, one of which aspires after the title of the "most universal" due to its support of the whole variety of existing media formats. Let's check out these babies right now!"

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