Solidoodle Debuts Third-Generation Solidoodle 3D Printer with Double-Sized Build Area

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re enamored of 3D printing--all the more after visiting Maker Faire 2012 a couple of months ago--so a new 3D printer joining the market is something that piques our interest. Solidoodle, a company that has grown to 60 employees after a year in the 3D printer-making business, announced its third-generation Solidoodle 3D Printer, and the price tag is a comparatively low $799.

For as inexpensive as the new Solidoodle 3 is, the company’s second-gen printer (which is still available) actually costs just $499, which is an astounding price for a 3D printer. However, this latest iteration offers twice the cubic volume with printable dimensions of 8 x 8 x 8 inches and the ability to print with a resolution as fine as .1mm.

Solidoodle 3D Printer

The actual printer is surprisingly small, weighing in at 18lbs and measuring 13.5 x 14 x 14 inches. It’s compatible with PCs, Macs, and Linux computers and includes a power supply, USB cable, and enough starter filament for a single small print.

Solidoodle 3D Printer

Solidoodle is taking preorders now and plans to begin shipping units next month.