Socle To Introduce Android-Based Tablet PC In Second Half Of 2010

There's a pretty good way to see when a certain trend has hit mainstream, or even mass saturation. Mostly, it occurs when companies you've never, ever heard of are joining a bandwagon. Remember when the iPhone launched? Just a few months later, every phone company you had ever heard of was introduction a touch screen-based phone, and six months after that, companies you didn't know existing were doing the same.

Now, the Tablet PC world is experiencing the same phenomenon. The latest Tablet revolution was sparked by Apple, and now Asus, HP, Dell, and Acer are following suit. Beyond that, a load of companies that we've never heard of before this year are doing likewise, with Socle Technology being just the latest. Apparently this company is best known for producing somewhat mundane system-on-chip solutions, but with the Tablet sector scheduled to boom, it's about time for Socle to jump onboard the bandwagon.

During the company's quarterly reporting, they also took the opportunity to debut a new Tablet PC design aid platform: sPad. This solution will launch fully in the second half of this year, Socle promises that sPad will be even more powerful than the iPad, and it will utilize Globalfoundries's 65nm low-power process. When complete, the product will support 1080p playback and feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Android. There aren't any renders or photographs of the device yet, but given that the Tablet form factor can only be spun so many ways, you probably have a good idea of how it'll look.