Fortnite Rift Beacon Materializes At Soccer Stadium As Season 10 Heats Up

Fortnite fans have been learning to play the map in Season 10 with a few changes that have been added by the game developers. One of the big changes for Season 10 has been the Rift Zones that have opened around the island. The first big Rift Zone marked the return of Dusty Depot, and then the tilted towers turned into an old west town where harvesting is frowned on.

rift beacon soccer

Each time big changes are afoot for a location, a Rift Beacon turns up, and one has now turned up on the Fornite map at the indoor soccer stadium. The indoor soccer stadium is located west of tilted. The Rift Beacon left at the stadium is inactive as of now, but the assumption is that when the Rift Beacon goes live, it will alter the state of the stadium.

Some are wondering if the location of the Rift Beacon is hinting that Epic will be bringing back some of the soccer-related items and outfits that it offered during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Of course, this is all just speculation at this point, but it's highly possible.

Season 10 has been a bit controversial so far. Players have hated the B.R.U.T.E., and many were calling for Epic to vault the overpowered weapon shortly after it launched. Epic changed up the way the missions are dolled out for season 10, making more of them require a Battle Pass and putting a week time limit on their completion.

Adding the time limit for missions is the move that angered fans of the game more than others. The mission that opened last weekend had players searching down missing spray cans to unlock points. Those still needing to complete this mission can find locations for the spray cans here.