"Snowden Run 3D" with Edward Snowden as Hero Running From Feds, Comes to Android

Whether you consider NSA leaker Edward Snowden to be a hero or a traitor, one thing can't be disputed: he's now famous the world over. Sometimes, that can result in some interest things, like being worked into a comedian's routine, being offered jobs or even becoming the star of your very own video game. All three have happened to Snowden, but it's the latter that might just be the most intriguing.

In the Temple Run clone Snowden Run 3D, you take on the role of Ed Snowden as he tries to escape capture by a following Agent Jake. Along his jaunt, Snowden will collect USB sticks and laptops containing sensitive information, and if a quick clean-up is needed, you can give your pal "Uncle Putin" a call to acquire a USSR hydrogen bomb. If you're captured, you get tossed into - where else - Guantanamo Bay, at which point the game ends.

The game features a hilarious premise, but there's more that makes the game interesting. It was originally authored for the Ludum Dare contest, where developers must produce a game under a very limited timeframe. That always results in games that are simple overall, but the real challenge is making them fun. With the sudden popularity of Snowden Run 3D, the author, Michele Rocco Smeets (Mike "The Spike"), promises a big update soon, though exactly what that will entail is not mentioned.

So far, the reception to the game seems good, and it'd be surprising if Snowden himself couldn't see the humor in it.