Snapchat's Next Big Thing Is Adding Location Based Filters To Photos And Videos

It's no guarantee that today's fads won't fizzle out tomorrow, especially in the rapidly evolving mobile space. That being the case, Snapchat took a monumental gamble by turning down two lucrative buyout offers by Facebook, one for $1 billion and a second one for $3 billion. Time will tell if those were wise decisions, but in the meantime, Snapchat's development team continues to find ways to keep its users engaged, most recently by adding geofilters.

"We’ve had a lot of fun drawing up new filters for special locations in Los Angeles and New York. Swipe right on the preview screen to check them out – they’ll change depending on which neighborhoods you’re in! Although you’ll need to enable location services for this feature, we don’t store your location," Snapchat explains.

Snapchat Geofilter Disneyland

It's a simple but neat trick to add some flair to photos and videos, and it will only get better over time as Snapchat adds more geofilters and, more importantly, additional locations to the mix (right now it's limited to Los Angeles and New York). Interestingly, Snapchat could also be setting itself up to earn a bit of revenue -- for example, the company could charge for additional geofilters once users are hooked to the stock ones.

To enable the feature, you need to turn Location Services on in your phone's settings. You can find the toggle on your iPhone by heading to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. If you own an Android device, head to Settings > Location.