SnapChat Updates Apps, Finally Apologizes For Security Breach

After SnapChat got hacked, exposing millions of usernames and phone numbers, the company said that it was taking steps to fix the problem, but it did not apologize, which rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way. In its latest blog post, though, the company finally issued a mea culpa.

“We are sorry for any problems this issue may have caused you and we really appreciate your patience and support,” reads the end of the post. The note concludes with the affectionate “Love, Team Snapchat” closing, too.


SnapChat said that it updated its iOS and Android apps this morning with the promised functionality that allows users to opt out of the Find Friends feature that links usernames and phone numbers. Users will now also need to verify their own phone numbers before they can use the Find Friends service, which should add a layer of protection, as well.