Smartphone/Tablet Ownership in U.S. Will Reach 65% by 2015

Research firm In-Stat announced its prediction that by 2015, 65% of the total U.S. population will own a smartphone, tablet, or both. That’s around 200 million people, for those keeping track at home.

Other predictions from In-Stat for 2015 also include:

-86% of smartphone/tablet users will view video on their mobile devices.
-Nearly 60% of smartphone/tablet owners will also be viewing OTT video at home.
-There will be nearly two smartphone/tablet owners per OTT household.
-The average Apple household will have four Apple devices.
-The average Google Android household will have over two Android devices.

In-Stat clearly believes that this area is worth tracking, as the firm announced a new research service to keep tabs (pun intended) on not only how many people own the devices but how they’re using them.

Called the “US Multiscreen Video Database”, the new service will “track the use of mobile devices for entertainment purposes”, according to the press release. It will complement the firm’s “US Digital Entertainment Database”, which looks at online video and pay-TV.

What’s notable about this research is that In-Stat isn’t even pretending that it thinks smartphones and tablets are going to be widely used for productivity. Clearly, In-Stat views entertainment and consumption as the primary use case for mobile devices.

We also found it interesting that the language in the predictions includes the terms “Apple household” and “Google Android household”. Considering that one of the other predictions is that there will be plenty of households with two smartphone/tablet owners, it’s quite an assumption that all members of a given household will typically be either Apple users or Android users.