Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 6 Plus vs. Android Titans, Galaxy S5, 2nd Gen Moto X and LG G3

So you've been tempted by Apple's new big, beautiful 5.5-inch computer-in-your-pocket known as the iPhone 6 Plus.  I mean if you're going to get a new smartphone, surely anything labeled "Plus" by Apple must be all that and a bag of Fritos, right? And #bendgate? You couldn't care less about what a few clumsy types are squawking about. You take care of your devices and don't plan on sitting on your phone anytime soon.

Then again, the iPhone 6 Plus is expensive and it sure is big. There are so many smartphones to choose from these days and when it comes to Android, Google and their multitude of manufacturing and software developer partners, have done a nice job of empowering an ecosystem and app store that easily rivals Apple's.

So what are some of the best alternatives to the iPhone 6 Plus on the market these days and how do they stack up versus Apple's latest mobile mojo?  You've come to the right page on the intertunnel, thankfully, because we aim to tackle just that question and more, just below the break here.
Moto X, Galaxy S5, LG G3 vs. iPhone 6 Plus
We recently rounded-up three strong alternatives to the Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, namely: Samsung's 5.1-inch Galaxy S5, Motorola's second generation 5.2-inch 2014 Moto X and LG's 5.5-inch G3.  All three devices are worthy of what you might say is "superphone" status and all three make for very appealing alternatives to the iPhone 6 Plus.

But how do these three Android amigos fare in a throw-down versus the Apple's plus-sized iPhone 6?  Watch, learn and decide for yourself...

And if you want a bit more of a deep dive on the iPhone 6 Plus and its performance characteristics, make sure you head here for our full review.