Sling Media Announces SlingCatcher

"Reverse Slingbox" takes revolutionary approach to delivering the full-blown web and PC digital media experience to the TV.

While the current Slingbox enables consumers to placeshift their favorite TV programming to a PC, Mac or mobile phone, one of the most requested features from the Sling Community has been to provide the ability to sling that same programming to another TV located in the home or to a TV in a remote location.

The SlingPlayer for TV application built into the SlingCatcher delivers an easy, familiar way for customers to move TV content around the home or access content from the home remotely via a TV, without the need for a PC or Mac in the process.

"From the very beginning our customers have asked why we didn't offer a product that allows them to watch their home TV via the Slingbox on another TV," continued Krikorian. "For instance, Slingbox customers have shown a desire to access their living room DVR on every TV in the home. The SlingCatcher enables them to do just that."

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