SlideN'Joy Extender Adds Up To Two More Screens To Your Laptop To Expand Your View

Nothing beats the portability of a notebook when it comes to getting work done while on-the-go, but with that portability comes a number of caveats. A smaller, more cramped keyboard is one of them, and so too is being forced to use a touchpad if you don't want to lug around a portable mouse. And, of course, there's also the limitation of a single screen.

Well, enter the Sliden'Joy, a Kickstarter project that's set to launch on July 6. There's not a lot of technical detail given about it so far, but the basics are easy to understand. Sliden'Joy effectively hooks onto your notebook to allow you to extend one or two screens out of either side, giving you an effective dual or triple monitor setup.

Slidenjoy Sideview

Two models of Sliden’Joy are going to be produced, offering either 1 or 2 displays, and sizes of 13, 15, and 17-inch are all going to be supported. I am in relative awe picturing a simple notebook with three 17-inch displays - that's a lot of real-estate to get some serious work done. In actual use, the implementation looks pretty slick too...

The single display model Sliden'Joy starts at 199€ (~$220 USD), while the twin starts at 299€ (~$330 USD). Overall, that seems like some rather attractive pricing -- simply replacing the screen in a laptop can cost upwards of that much, depending on the model.

Slidenjoy Topview

If you want in, set your calendar to July 6, and then look for the project on Kickstarter. There's no word on pledge levels quite yet, but the ultimate goal is to reach 300,000€ ($~332,000 USD) in 30 days. Something tell us they'll hit that goal pretty easily.

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