Sliced Bread? Pfft.

The true test of the potential impact of a breakthrough product is watching the demonstration and wondering if it's a hoax. I defy you to watch the demonstration video for this Silverbrook Research printer and tell me you're not astounded at what you're seeing. And then wondering if it can possibly be true: A printer for under $300 dollar that prints like a $16,000 high speed printer.

"This thing is gigantic, we've been in this business for 20 years and I've never seen something as mind boggling," says Charles LeCompte, president of leading printer market analysis firm, Lyra Research. "The technology will be available in products in late 2007, starting with a 100mm printhead that will be used for home and retail photo printing as well as label printing devices. An A4/Letter printhead will be available in 2008 with many different components and technology improvements planned for the future," the company announced today. HP, Canon and other printer manufacturers are described as "potential customers", by Memjet Technology, the main company established by Silverbrook to market and license the technology. The company expects the printers to eventually cost $200 or less, sources say.
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