SLI antialiasing debuts, Sorell SF2000 256MB MP3 Player and More!

SLI antialiasing debuts @ The Tech Report:

"When ATI first announced its CrossFire multi-card graphics platform to the world in late May, the clever folks on the red team had a few interesting new twists to offer in their answer to NVIDIA's SLI. One of the more appealing features of the CrossFire platform was to be a "super antialiasing" mode, allowing two graphics cards to team up in order to produce higher quality antialiasing than available on a single card alone. We liked the idea, noting that "CrossFire rigs may provide image quality benefits even in games where fill rate and geometry throughput aren't normally at a premium." Since there are quite a few current games that don't really take advantage of even a single high-end graphics card, using the extra power of a second card to improve image quality makes sense."

Sorell SF2000 256MB MP3 Player Review @

"In North America, we really only have a few choices when shopping for MP3 players. We have decent-but-overpriced units from Creative, Dell, Apple, etc. There are also the super expensive proprietary format Sony players. If you want to save some money, you're stuck buying a budget unit made from paperclips and gum for $0.25 somewhere in China.  But you do have a choice between high end US and Japanese players, and low end China players. They come from Korea, where prices aren't highly inflated, but the quality is certainly there. Today we'll be looking at one such unit, from a Korean company that spun off from Samsung a few years back, and know how to make a good MP3 player (they built the "Yepp" line for Samsung for  years)."

Asus WL-530g Pocket Wireless Router Review @ The TechZone:

"With its lightweight and compact design, you can easily bring the Asus WL-530g around to meetings, study groups or anywhere in the world where network sharing is needed. The unit is equipped with four 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports to sync up with PCs and other network devices like a hub or VoIP phone."

MSI Digi VOX USB 2.0 – HDTV Broadcasting on your PC @ Tweaktown:

"MSI recently launched their Digi VOX USB 2.0 adapter which allows you to watch and listen to digital TV and radio broadcasting on your PC or notebook. Read on as we take a close look at the Digi VOX and just what it can add to your HTPC with its many fancy features which won't make a big dent on your bank account."