Sleeping Around The IT Cubicles conducted a survey of IT workers, and according to the results, more than half of IT workers are sleeping on the job. And when they are awake, nearly half might be preparing to sleep around, too, admitting at least kissing their co-worker. That's if they're sober, which isn't all the time. Ah, multitasking. Look on the bright side, Human Resource people: at least they're not sleeping on the job as much as government workers report they do.

Across all professions surveyed, 45 percent admitted to having fallen asleep on the job. And nearly two-thirds of government workers -- 64 percent -- admitted to falling asleep on the job. Maybe because they spend so much time on their feet, workers in retail were least likely to fall asleep on the job.

As for the kissing, only hospitality workers -- 53 percent -- were more lovely-dovey with coworkers than IT workers. Across all professions, only 39 percent of respondents confessed kissing a colleague.

When it comes to on-the-job partying, one-in-four IT workers -- the same as the average across all professions -- say they've consumed alcohol while on the job. So what's going on? career advisor Tanya Flynn says the number of workers admitting to committing workplace taboos, especially sleeping, kissing, and drinking on the job, has been rising since the company began the annual poll three years ago.

23 percent of IT workers report stealing from their office. 20 percent snoop around after work. My goodness. These people seem so untrustworthy. Why should we believe their answers on a survey? 
If it's true, it seems to indicate IT workers are probably simply spending too much time at work.