"Sleek" Cell Phone Booster Promises Faster 3G

Having trouble getting cell phone reception in your area? Perhaps you just need a stronger signal, and if that's the case, Wilson Electronics' new cell phone signal booster may be just the remedy. Called the Sleek, Wilson claims its device will extend the calling range and signal strength of any phone on any wireless provider in the U.S. (execpt Nextel/iDEN), resulting in fewer dropped calls, less dead zones, and even faster transfer rates on 3G networks.

"The Sleek is a huge advancement for the company in our efforts to provide an affordable solution to cellular signal boosting, as it can reach such a broad audience of users," said Joe Banos, COO for Wilson Electronics. "The Sleek also has so many applications such as amplifying the signal for a Mifi device or cell phone. Users will definitely enjoy the simplicity involved in getting a much better reception."

Sounds a bit like snake oil for cell phones, but apparently the thing really works. Or so says John Gordon of Practical Travel Gear: "Simply put, the Sleek works. And it works well," Gordon wrote. The Sleek is primarily intended for use in a vehicle, though there's also an optional accessory package for home and/or work use.

The Sleek is available now with an MSRP of $130, though Amazon has it marked down to about $90 shipped (through ANTOnline).