Sleek Audio's SA1 Earbuds: Wireless, Custom Tuned, Just $80

Headphones and earbuds are a dime a dozen these days, and frankly it's tough to keep track of which ones are worth a listen and which are just worth passing over. Sleek Audio has been a trusted name in the industry for some time now, though most of its loyal fan base were of the affluent type. Sleek's earbuds are generally expensive, and some are custom tunable to give buyers that perfect sound they've been searching for.

Now, that same tunable luxury is hitting the lower-end, as the SA1 earbuds are priced for just about anyone. Or at least anyone that would seriously consider investing in a good pair of 'buds. Another interesting tidbit about the SA1s are that these have wireless capabilities thanks to Kleer technology, which actually enables users to listen without those dangling cables around their neck.

They're available to order right now for $79.99.

The SA1’s wooden body features the same patented cable design as the SA6 and CT6 and is compatible with Sleek Audio’s Kleer wireless system. For sound, the SA1 utilizes a first-of-its-kind, custom tuned 6mm dynamic driver for surprising bass impact, stunning clarity and balanced sound signatures. It is also part of the VQ system line and allows listeners to adjust the frequency response of the earphone with treble tuning options.

“It can be a wireless earphone or wired earphone, we leave the choice up to the listener. Our products are about options, and allowing our customers to find what works best for them,” added Krywko.

The SA1 is now shipping and can be found online at as well as through many of the world’s top audio e-tailors.