Slack Messaging App Takes On Facebook Connect With Slack Sign In

Slack, the popular real-time messaging tool, is making it easy for users to register with and log into other services and applications. It's doing that through "Sign in with Slack," a feature that ties a person's Slack account to external services so they can use their same login information. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Sign in with Slack does essentially the same thing as Facebook Connect and Google Apps Identity, to name just two similar services, though Slack's reasoning is more business oriented. By introducing this feature, Slack aims to keep teams connected across the various apps their organizations might be using.


"When a user signs up for your app using Sign in with Slack, they’ll be instantly connected to their teammates within your product. For customers, this is an invisible but delightful feature. It exemplifies our mission in action — making people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive — by keeping teams effortlessly in sync," Slack stated in a blog post.

One of the benefits Slack identified for developers is the ability to whitelist an entire Slack team as a group of new users. Doing that could make billing and IT administration easier, though it's not the only benefit to using Sign in with Slack. It's also obviously faster than registering a new account, easier, and secure—Slack handles managing SSO providers and two-factor authentication, developers just have to implement standard OAuth.