Skype Rumored To Be In Talks With Facebook And Google

Skype sure has hit it big. While there are dozens and dozens of VoIP calling applications, for some reason Skype's is the one that people flock to. Possibly being the first major one was what did it, but either way, the company seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, and the attention that they are getting doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Now, a fresh Reuters report suggests that Google and Facebook are separately looking into a deal with Skype. In fact, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly "been involved in internal discussions about buying Skype." The one major feature that Facebook currently lacks is a real, trusted video chat app, and that's the kind of thing that Skype could deliver.

Why would Google want a joint venture with Skype? Lots of reasons. Mostly, Android. Android doesn't really have a killer app to rival FaceTime, and while Skype works within Android, it's still a third-party solution.

At this point, everything is still speculative, and it's all still very much up in the air. The truth is that Skype has a lot of options here, and teaming with Facebook or Google both sound like impressive opportunities. And based on the flack that the newest version of their desktop client has received, we'd say a little helping hand may not be too bad for 'em.