Skype Rolls Out New Features With Version 5.8 for Windows

Windows-based Skype users have reason to be enthused with the unveiling of version 5.8. New features include full HD video calls, Facebook audio and video calling, push to talk functionality, and group screen sharing.

Assuming you have a capable webcam such as the Logitech C920 (so suggests the blog announcement), users can now make video calls in HD. Though still in beta, the Facebook calling feature should appeal to a wide range of users; it enables you to make audio or video calls to your Facebook friends, even if they aren’t Skype users. The new push to talk feature is designed for (nay, requested by) gamers who want to be able to use a hotkey to switch the mic on and off while Skyping.

The group screen share, available only with Skype Premium, is function primarily aimed at business users who need to be able to show multiple parties a documents, slide presentation, Excel sheet, and so on. Of course, it’s also a nice feature for family and friends to share photos and the like.

Below is the complete list of new features, and below that is a list of all the issues version 5.8 should fix.