Skype Integrated Into Windows 8 To Appear Center Stage At Launch

Well, we can't exactly act surprised. With Windows 8 and Windows RT just around the bend, you may have wondered if Microsoft was going to try and integrate Skype into the fabric of those operating systems, much the same way FaceTime is integrated into OS X. With Microsoft paying a princely sum for Skype, it seems that the VoIP app will not only appear in Windows 8 and Windows RT, but will play a starring role. Microsoft and Skype are both being pretty quiet on the whole ordeal, but their websites speak louder. Both "Anna" and "Elena" are shown in screenshots on both sites, making it pretty easy to draw the conclusion that a new, "modern UI" Skype will be headlining the new software.

It's hard to tell just yet what kind of action Skype will bring to Windows 8, but rest assured: it'll be more than some far-flung app. It'll be front and center in everything you do, and will likely be the communication tool of choice throughout the Windows universe. Everything from chatting to video calling, to having side conversations while working. It will be less of an app, and more of a system process. Microsoft really has a chance to execute on Skype's immense user base in order to draw interest to their new operating systems. Thankfully, we have only a few days left until we see precisely what's cooking.